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Welcome to Harbour Masters, where we offer insights and updates on the expertise and guidance available for the Directors of companies in need of advice in the face of stiff trade winds. Our updates focus on the critical business topics of restructuring, turnaround, and the availability of the new 'Safe Harbour' provisions, all designed to help companies renew, restructure, and rebuild. 

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A potential lifeline for retail in the New Year?

07-Feb-2018 11:24:35 / by Peter Krejci posted in Safe Harbour, Directors, Better Outcome, Plan, Retail, Amazon, Restructuring, Turnaround


Sydney-based Principal Peter Krejci contributed an article in the February 2018 edition of the Governance Institute's membership magazine, 'Governance Directions', published last week. 

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Down the Amazon to Retail Safe Harbour?

05-Dec-2017 12:13:37 / by Peter Krejci posted in Safe Harbour, Directors, Retail, Amazon


With the official start date of Amazon Australia's operations locally being today, the reported fears and apprehensions of Australian retailers over the past decade have now been realised. As the media have built-up talk of the negative impact upon retailers, having seen Amazon's effect upon similar businesses in the US and the UK, we look ahead to the likely benefits to retailers set-up as companies in Australia using the Safe Harbour provisions in the Corporations Act.

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