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Welcome to Harbour Masters, where we offer insights and updates on the expertise and guidance available for the Directors of companies in need of advice in the face of stiff trade winds. Our updates focus on the critical business topics of restructuring, turnaround, and the availability of the new 'Safe Harbour' provisions, all designed to help companies renew, restructure, and rebuild. 

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Moira Carter

Moira is a registered trustee in bankruptcy with 18 years experience in the insolvency industry. A principal in the Townsville office, Moira joined the firm in 1995. With extensive local knowledge, she has a sound understanding of the diverse economic challenges particular to North Queensland. With experience in corporate liquidations and receiverships, Moira has a particular interest in personal bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements. While predominantly working with small to medium sized enterprises, her industry experience incorporates managed investment schemes, transport, civil engineering, property and construction, retail and hospitality.
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Recent Posts

Restructuring & Turnaround - what do these terms mean?

14-Dec-2017 09:58:00 / by Moira Carter posted in Safe Harbour, Better Outcome, Restructuring, Turnaround


As covered in previous posts, the new Safe Harbour provisions were enacted to encourage directors to seek professional assistance in the early stages of a company’s financial distress (or foreshadowed distress), so as to seek a better outcome. The words usually brought up when mentioning positive outcomes for a financially distressed company are “restructuring” and “turnaround”. But what do these terms mean, what does a restructure encompass, what do we have to go through to “turnaround” a company?

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ARITA releases its Safe Harbour Guidance for Directors

23-Nov-2017 14:26:58 / by Moira Carter posted in Safe Harbour, Directors, Better Outcome, Plan, Guidance, ARITA, Qualified Adviser


The Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARITA) has released their one-page fact sheet on Safe Harbour for Company Directors, encouraging ARITA members to use this document for the promotion of their services. 

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Safe Harbour and Ipso Facto Clause reforms in corporate insolvency laws: a Safe Harbour or Pirate Cove?

19-Apr-2017 14:03:00 / by Moira Carter


The Government’s release of draft legislation to addressing the Safe Harbour and Ipso Facto Clause reforms mooted in last year’s Innovation Statement prompts us to ask: will the legislation go beyond what is necessary to protect directors from prosecution while they are restructuring a business to provide an opportunity for unqualified advisors to take unfair advantage of creditors?
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