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There's an old saying;

"You can't control the wind - but you can adjust the sails... " 


Welcome to Harbour Masters, where we offer insights and updates on the expertise and guidance available for the Directors of companies in need of advice in the face of stiff trade winds. Our updates centre upon on the critical business topics of restructuring, turnaround, and the availability of the new 'safe harbour' provisions, all designed to help companies renew, restructure, and rebuild. 


At BRI Ferrier, we understand the many forces that can batter and swamp a businesses; its tough out there.  If engaged early enough, we also know how to turn the situation around and head for calmer waters.

Our business recovery and turnaround management services emphasise business renewal and positive change. We work with organisations of all sizes – from sole traders and private companies to ASX-listed corporations and government entities – to help them reassess, re-plan, renew, rebrand, or completely restructure and rebuild.

In doing so, we liaise with boards of directors, financiers, accountants, lawyers, regulators, shareholders, financial advisors, private equity firms, and hedge funds to help our clients through financial difficulties.

Whatever your industry or stage of business, our aim is to recover a business’s viability and reduce the severity of the financial and commercial storm.


Harbour Masters has been designed as a resource centre for companies in need of straight talking assistance when facing financial distress, or just need independent and expert advice and assistance to rethink and develop a plan to achieve better outcomes in order to put the business on a better course. 


Thanks for reading, and we hope you subscribe to receive our updates as they are posted.  


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